Australia working holidays: Ideal for graduates

Not sure what you’d like to do after university or college? An Australian working holiday could be the ideal chance for you to think about your career whilst enjoying a holiday down under!

Leaving university

It’s completely normal to feel a little lost when you’ve just finished college or graduated from university. Of course, some graduates will have a set plan and know exactly what they’d like to do but for others, the concept of having to find a full-time job or deciding what to do with their degree can be a little daunting.

Whether you’re in your final year of study or you’ve just graduated and completely unsure about your career options then a working holiday in Australia could be perfect for you!

Australia Working Holiday

Australia working holidays are a front row ticket to delve into the true culture of Australia – meet amazing people, learn new skills and earn some cash to supplement your stay in Australia. Not only will a working holiday give you precious ‘life experience,’ it’ll also help you to clear your mind and help you think about your plans for the future… whilst taking a lovely short-term holiday in Australia!

Why work in Australia?

Australia is a beautiful (and huge!) country, with so many diverse places to explore and plenty of things to see and do. After all, it covers a total area of 7.69 million square kilometres!

What’s more, there are many jobs in Australia that are completely unheard of in the UK. Live the Aussie lifestyle and be a surf instructor, be a deckhand on a yacht or a jackaroo on an outback property. How about a years’ fruit picking or harvesting?

If you’re not convinced, read about some of the reasons why some people choose to move from the UK to Australia to work short-term.

Working Holiday Visa

The Australia Working Holiday Visa provides a young person (between 18 and 30) with a 12 months stay in Australia and enables them to have incidental employment to supplement their stay.

If you obtain a Working Holiday Visa through Visas4oz we offer free access to a registered migration agent to help you stay in Australia. Working with our migration agent while you are in Australia can help you remain in Australia on a more permanent basis.

Read more about the Australian working holiday visa here.

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