Looking for a change of scenery?

Are you yearning for a spontaneous break away from the usual 9-5 job? Then consider working in Australia… it’s far more achievable than it sounds!

If you’re aged between 18 and 30 then working in Australia could be the best thing you’ve ever done. Many people believe the thought of working abroad is completely unachievable, too expensive or don’t even consider the opportunities it will present. But consider this; imagine holidaying in Australia for up to 12 months whilst having an amazing job to supplement your stay.

Why move from the UK to Australia?

Many surveys and studies list Australia as a ‘Top 3’ destination for skilled workers, expats, students and migrants, mainly due to Australia’s high standard of living, economic stability, temperate weather and impressive health and education systems.

If that’s not enticing enough, the Changing Settlement Experience of New Migrants Report shows that 95% of skilled migrants have employment within 18 months of arrival and 94% are ‘very satisfied’ with their new lives down under.

What’s more, there are many jobs in Australia that are completely unheard of in the UK. Live the Aussie lifestyle and be a surf instructor, be a deckhand on a yacht or a jackaroo on an outback property. How about a years’ fruit picking or harvesting?

Where to start?

Before getting too carried away and searching for a job Australia right away, you’ll need to learn about the working holiday visa (which you’ll need to be able to live and work in Australia!) and what it allows you to do.

Working holiday makers are permitted to do any kind of work in Australia, however, work for longer than six months with any one employers is not allowed.

There are certain requirements when applying for the working holiday visa which you can read about on our working holiday visa page. You can also find the benefits of applying for this visa through Visas4oz on this page.

Apply online for an Australian working holiday visa today and get your trip of a lifetime started! Need further information? Contact the Visas4oz team on 01270 842 760.

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