Have you ever thought about working in Australia?

In a recent survey by Working in Australia, 43% of Britons said that they would consider relocating in Australia. In fact, multiple studies have revealed that Australia is listed as a ‘Top 3’ destination for skilled workers, expats, students and migrants. But why, you may wonder?

Need a break? Time to relocate? Australia may be for you

Whether you’re a young student afraid of what to do next or an experienced worker looking for a complete change of environment, if you’re aged between 18 and 30 then working in Australia is definitely something you should consider.

Working in Australia is a great way of funding your travels whilst getting to know the real Australia, in addition to bulking up your CV and life experience. If you’re keen to go travelling but worried about funding it then supplementing your stay in Australia with work is the way to go.

Why do so many people choose to work in Australia?

With Australia’s lovely weather and beautiful beaches, exciting outback and diverse surroundings, there’s no wonder so many Britons choose to relocate.

Although it may sound like Australia is solely wanted for its glorious sun, sand and surf, the high demand for skilled people from overseas attracts workers from all over the globe. Its stable economy, healthcare system and world-leading education forms just a couple of reasons as to why Australia is labeled the ‘lucky country.’

There are also many jobs in Australia that are completely unheard of here in the UK. Spend a years’ fruit picking or harvesting or live the true Aussie lifestyle and become a surf instructor… the list is endless!

Working holiday visas

In order to be able to work in Australia you will have to apply for an Australia Working Holiday Visa. The visa provides a person with a 12 months stay in Australia and enables them to have incidental employment to supplement their stay.

If you wish to stay in Australia longer then you can in fact apply for a Second Working Holiday visa, provided you have previously worked in Australia for three months already.

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