Australian visa fees set to rise

It may be worth applying for your Australian visa before the year is out, seeing as the Australian government has announced plans to increase some Australian visa application charges by 20 per cent. The new charges are set to roll out 1st January next year.

Changes in Australia visa application charges are not unusual; the changes were announced as part of the government’s release of the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, a document produced annually before January of each year.

The changes will affect visas that are in significant demand (mainly long-term visas for visitors to Australia) such as the working holiday visa, which will cost $350 as opposed to $280. The reports says: “Increased Visa Application Charges will apply to: skilled graduates; partners; working holiday makers; and temporary overseas workers.”

Senator Lundy explained that these changes are “appropriate” in order to reflect high demand for Australian visas and will help the “user pays system.”

She said: “The government has made a targeted increase in the cost of visas where there are high levels of demand, and therefore areas that are less likely to be significantly impacted by the added costs.

“The fact is that there are plenty of people around the world who want to work in Australia because of our substantial economic strengths during these times of global economic uncertainty it is only appropriate for visa costs to reflect that demand,” she added.

Working Holiday Visas

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