Australian Sports Visa

The Sports Visa (subclass 421) allows any professional or amateur sportsperson, judge or adjudicator who wants to visit Australia to participate in their field of sport.

Designed for sportspeople who are looking to improve the quality of sport in Australia, the Sports Visa allows sportspeople to compete in a specific event or series of events.

The Australian Sports Visa allows you to:

  • take part in competition or training in Australia at a high-level
  • compete against residents in Australia
  • exit and re-enter Australia for a multiple number of times (while the visa is valid)
  • stay in Australia and work in the nominated position (max. stay two years)
  • undertake activities in Australia in the nominated position (max. stay two years)

You can also include the following people in your visa application:

  • your partner
  • dependent relatives
  • dependent children
  • your partner’s dependent children

You may bring any eligible secondary applicants with you to Australia but please note that all secondary applicants will need a separate visa application.

Short duration events

If you are competing as an amateur and playing for a club (usually 3 games), a Short Stay Australia Business Visa may be suitable. This visa is also suitable for judging or adjudicating a single event or match.


If your stay is for less than three months and you intend to undertake unpaid training in Australia, the Australian ETA Tourist Visa (subclass 676) and the ETA for visitors (subclass 976) may be suitable.

These visas are available online.

General requirements:

In order to be issued with a Sports Visa, you must meet a number of requirements.

You must be sponsored by:

  • an Australian organization that promotes sport/sport events
  • an Australian government agency or a foreign government agency

The validity period of the sponsorship is three years.

How to apply for the Australian Sports Visa:

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