Prince William and Kate’s visit Down Under set to boost tourism

It’s been reported that the recent trip to Australia and New Zealand by Prince William and Kate will attract tens of millions of dollars with a boost of visitors to the country.

After the Duke and Duchess visited for 10 days, analysts predict that there could be a boost of around $50 million, driven mostly by visitors from the UK.

During their visit, William and Kate visited Australian tourist spots like Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo and the Blue Mountains, which will undoubtedly attract visitors from around the world to emulate their tour.

Blue Mountains Lithgow & Oberon Tourism chief executive Randall Walker said that the couple’s visit had a “priceless impact” in consumer behaviour.

What’s more, according to data from the Australian version of booking website Trivago, the destinations visited by the royals have seen an increase in interest of 41%, with Adelaide in particular seeing a 213% growth in searches.

This boost in tourism, coupled with an increase of visitors from the UK from the Ashes and the British Lions shows that Australia is an increasing hot spot for tourism. In 2013, visitor numbers increased by more than 6% and 2014 looks set to receive an even greater boost in numbers.

Tourism Australia managing director John O’Sullivan said of the royal couple’s visit: “Some of our country’s most famous tourism attractions have provided perfect backdrops for images beamed around the world…These images are ‘tourism gold’ — the kind of international exposure that is difficult to put a price on and which will undoubtedly inspire many onlookers around the world to follow in their footsteps.”

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