Exploring Aboriginal Australia

if you’re visiting Australia, one of the things you simply must enjoy and appreciate is the country’s Aboriginal heritage. Many of the main attractions and sights Down Under have Aboriginal roots, and if you’re a history buff you must add seeing some of the culture’s relics and landmarks to your list of things to do.

Aboriginal culture is varied, with around 250 language groups, each with their own dialects and art styles. Some of the country’s stereotypical artefacts come from Aboriginal culture, including the boomerang and the didgeridoo, the former of which was used for hunting.

Perhaps the most famous Aboriginal landmark is Uluru, which is also known as Ayers Rock. A sacred rock to the indigenous people of Australia, it has many examples of the art and culture which surrounds the Aboriginal people.

In Sydney there is a museum which is devoted to Aboriginal history and it boasts a huge collection of artwork, artefacts and stories from the history of the country’s native people.

There are still many Aboriginal people that live in the country, and you can easily visit with some of the tribes which exist today, particularly in the areas surrounding Uluru. Many of the tours which take place there are led by Aboriginals, and they can also teach you how to cook hunt, or sample what life is like for Aboriginal people. An experience with them is the perfect way to spend some time in the Outback, which is where many of their people are based.

Visiting Australia gives you a chance to meet and experience one of the oldest cultures in the world – an opportunity not to be missed.

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