El Questro Wilderness Park opens for the season

The privately owned wilderness park El Questro has reopened for the 2014 season, offering visitors a whole host of new experiences.

Based in Kimberly, West Australia, the park spans over one million acres and was once a cattle station. It now is home to an array of natural and man made wonders, and has three resorts on site which offer everything from camping up to luxury hotel rooms and suites.

For the first time in its history, there will be a light aircraft on site so visitors can take a tour of the park from the air and see the wonderful rolling Kimberly coastline, gorges and waterfalls. A new tour has also been created which takes guests through one of the most scenic routes in the park, while new permanent tents have been installed in the park’s Black Cockatoo campground.

The El Questro Wilderness Park offers guests a range of experiences from horse riding through the landscape to swimming under waterfalls and more. Most of the tours depart from the central Station, which has its own open air restaurant and also hosts a starlit BBQ every Saturday night.

If you prefer exploring for yourself, you can also take a self-guide tour of the park, which can be a thrilling experience, as a lot of the park has never been fully explored.

If you’re thinking of exploring this wonderful corner of Australia, then get in touch with us to secure your visitor’s visa. You’ll have a three month permit, which might not even be enough time to cover one corner of El Questro!

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