Running tours down under

A running tour is the ideal way to see Australia in a way that you may not have ever thought of before. If you’re an avid runner and want to combine your passion with your holiday, then a running tour can be the ideal way to do this.

Generally you’ll be in a group of runners seeing the sights of the city, or you can take a private tour where the tour leader will be able to give you a one-on-one experience.

Tours are available in Melbourne and will take you on a tour through the main city and also through hidden alleyways and precincts you wouldn’t get to see on a normal guided tour. Tours are an average of 11km, so you must be pretty fit to take place and will usually take an hour and a half.

Running tours are by far the most popular in Sydney where there are dozens of running tours to choose from. You can join a group and get to know other runners in the city, or embark on a personal tour where you can jog and chat to your tour guide or go at pace and challenge yourself in a new environment.

You can go on a tour of the city or visit the coastline and explore the beaches. What’s more, once you’ve finished your tour, you can revisit the route again in your own time on your holiday: a great way to keep fit if you’re going to be in Australia for a while.

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