A guide to touring the Outback

The Outback of Australia is the most thrilling, desolate and wild place in Australia. It’s home to an array of breathtaking natural wonders, roaming wildlife, and miles and miles of serene desert.

The vast Outback calls for you to tour it via car, or in a tour group. Travelling by yourself is perfectly fine, though you should be aware of the dangers that you may face. As a very large, isolated area of Australia, you may find yourself miles away from emergency help should you travel off the beaten track. However, there are some areas that are built up, like Alice Springs and Broken Hill, which are easily accessible, and have many of the amenities you would expect anywhere else.

As a vast landscape, there are plenty of attractions to see, from abandoned mining villages to sweeping mountain ranges and Aboriginal sites. The Outback is so large that it’s divided into separate areas. Flinders Range in south Australia is a popular place to visit, with rugged mountains and gorges to explore, while the outback of New South Wales is more accessible than the rest, situated close to Sydney.

Slap bang in the middle of the country in central Australia is the Northern Territory’s outback which is home to Alice Springs and Australia’s most famous natural landmark, Uluru or Ayers Rock. For something more remote, The Kimberly is based in north-west Australia and is ideal for four-wheel driving and enjoying the serene waterfalls and uninhabited wilderness.

Wherever you choose to visit, make sure you plan in advance as you’ll really be back to nature when you go on a tour of the Outback.

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