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Best Beaches in Perth

Australia boasts some of the best beaches in the world and Perth is no exception. Looking out onto the waters of the Indian Ocean, you can find a beach to sit back and relax on, or to spend the day surfing on – there really is endless opportunities here.


Perhaps the most iconic beach on this list, Cottesloe has it all, from swimming, surfing and sunbathing. The sunsets are unrivalled here, with clear views out over the bay offering up the perfect photo opportunity.

Consistent waves make this beach perfect for surfers, while the small reefs are ideal for snorkelling. What’s more, the beach is also perfectly located for the bars, restaurants and shopping of the town of Cottesloe.

City Beach

Despite the name, City Beach is situated a 20 minute drive from Perth’s city centre and offers a serene break from the lively centre. Clean and uncrowded, the beach attracts keen fishers and surfers, plus some of the elite members of Perth’s society.

Facilities are sparse: there’s a small boardwalk with the usual amenities on, so it’s the ideal place to go for a picnic or an afternoon’s break from the main attractions of Perth.

Scarborough Beach

A historic spot which attracts a younger crowd, Scarborough’s regular swell is perfect for body boarding, kitesurfing and swimming. The nightlife is unrivalled here, with lots of beachside bars and restaurants coming alive when the sun goes down, and the beachside amphitheatre is an endless source of fun, hosting events such as beach cricket regularly during the summer.

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