What to pack for a working holiday

If you’re considering heading to Australia for a working holiday, then don’t delay in planning everything you need! Once you get your working visa approved, you can start planning everything that you will need to take with you, including a few of these essentials. 

Take proof of work status and ID

Of course you will remember to bring your passport with you, but you’ll also need to take your visa or proof of work status to secure a job, even if it’s just casual part time work. Taking your driving licence along as an alternative form of ID in addition to your passport is also a good idea, and can be handy if you’d like to drive as part of your job!

Buy an Australian SIM card or mobile phone

Having some sort of phone that works Down Under is vital, so get an Australian sim car which works with your current phone, or buy a cheap phone that employers can call you on: being accessible by email only can be frustrating for potential employers!

Don’t take the kitchen sink with you

It might be tempting to pack everything that you would take on a normal holiday including toiletries, an excessive amount of clothing and more. Remember that Australia isn’t in the middle of nowhere and you can easily get your hands on your favourite shampoo, summer clothing and other essentials! Pack light so that you don’t have to lumber around unnecessary luggage on your travels.

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