Hottest year on record for Australia in 2013

Officials from the Bureau of Meteorology have said that 2013 was the hottest year on record in Australia with temperatures up 1.2C on average.

It’s the hottest since 1910, when records began, and 2013 saw a record warm winter which produced the most devastating fires since 1968 in Sydney. Other significant events which affected the climate included the arrival of an early spring and a number of devastating tropical cyclones. 

The hottest day of the year in 2013 occurred on 7 January, the height of the country’s summer season.

However, it was noted that the warming in Australia is consistent with the rest of the globe, where rising temperatures are influenced by greenhouse gases.

In its annual statement the Bureau of Meteorology said: “The Australian region warming is very similar to that seen at the global scale, and the past year emphasises that the warming trend continues.”

Neil Plummer who works for the Bureau said that, “Most of the warming has occurred since around 1950, and that’s consistent with the global pattern.”

He added that figures from other bureaus around the world would provide evidence that warming is occurring across Australia and the rest of the world.

This news is unlikely to be welcomed by the government in Australia who have recently cut funding for research into global warming and have also got rid of a carbon tax where the biggest polluters pay for the amount of greenhouse gases they produce.