Tourism Australia highlights food and wine holidays

Tourism Australia is launching a new marketing campaign to begin next year, promoting its food and wine experiences. While many people familiar with travelling to Australia know how great its food and wine are, according to research by BDA Marketing, it found that only a quarter of people who had never been before associated it with good food and wine.

This is contrary to people who have already visited Australia, with 60% saying that they associate Down Under with excellent culinary delights, putting it second only to France. When broken down by region, visitors from the UK ranked it first in the world.

Australia is the fourth largest wine exporter in the world, with regions such as Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, Heathcote and Eden Valley all producing popular wines that are worth of $2 billion to the Australian economy. Around 60% of the wine that the country produces is exported, with the rest consumed domestically.

To strengthen Australia’s foodie appeal, Tourism Australia are putting together a range of packages and experiences to showcase the country’s food and wine which tour operators will then offer to holidaymakers.

Elsewhere, the tourism board said that visitors from the UK are on the rise, increasing by 3%. Denise von Wald, Tourism Australia’s regional general manager for the UK and North Europe said: “Economic pressure has come off the UK, the pound is appreciating against the dollar, and we had a couple of big sporting events to kick start visitor numbers.”

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