Royal Brunei to offer flights to Melbourne on the Dreamliner

 Flying to Melbourne has just got easier, with the announcement from Royal Brunei that they will be offering flights from London to Melbourne on their new Dreamliner 787 plane.

The Dreamliner is the newest and most significant plane made by Boeing since the 777 plane, which was released 20 years ago. The Dreamliner offers up a more eco-friendly and luxurious plane ride – especially convenient for long-haul flights.

The unique wing shape means that it’s faster to get to your destination, and the plane has been fitted with special sensors to predict when turbulence will happen, meaning you get a smoother flight.

In addition to these features, the Dreamliner has been fitted with conveniences such as bigger windows, which don’t have blinds, but rather feature tinting which can be adjusted to gradually let in light. As standard, you’ll be able to use your USB devices on the aeroplane, and the climate control means that there will be less fatigue and headaches – so you won’t feel so much jet lag!

The plane will carry 255 passengers, including 18 seats in business class. Royal Brunei expects that all flights going to Melbourne will be flown by Dreamliner from April 2014. The airline also expects to replace its current short-haul aircraft in 2015 and double its livery in the next two years. It currently flies from London to Bangkok, Dubai, Jakarta, Singapore, plus other destinations in the Far East.

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