A Foodie Holiday in Sydney

As Australia’s largest city Sydney is jam-packed full of chic restaurants, low-budget eateries and high class dining experiences. Some of the best food in the world is available here, and as such any budding foodie will enjoy indulging in the treats Sydney has to offer.

Getting there

You can fly direct from London Heathrow to Sydney, however it’s a major hub for international travel so you can easily couple holidaying here with a stop-off elsewhere. You’ll also need a visa to enter the country, with an ETA tourist visa the most commonly issued, but others available if you’re planning on staying longer.


Food prices vary, depending on where you’re eating and what you’re eating, but are smilier to the UK, with mid-range meals costing about £15-£25 per person. Newtown in the west is the cheapest area, and Chinatown also offers up some budget eats.

Where to go

Darling Harbour and the East Circular Quay are full to bursting with restaurants, while Victoria Street in Darlinghurst offers up a unique array of funky cafes and bistros.

King Street in Newtown is also popular for its vast array of international cuisine including Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and Italian.

If you want to try the best of the best, then make sure you book before you touch down. Places like Tetsuya’s and ARIA get booked up months in advance, simply because they are the best restaurants in the world! And for the most indulgent of them all, why not dine in the Sydney Opera House’s very own restaurant?