Tasmanian Wine Holidays

A trip to Australia isn’t complete without visiting a few wineries along the way and sampling some of its characteristic plonk. Before you leave, make sure you visit Tasmania, Australia’s most southerly island which produces a huge bulk of Australia’s wine, and because of its cooler climate there are a plethora of wines to get your tongue round!

Where to go

The towns of Hobart in the south and Launceston in the north are the best places to base yourself due to their proximity to the biggest and best vineyards. The Coal River Valley is the main producer of wine outside of Hobart and you can take an organised tour to some of the wineries in the region, or simply hire a car and go exploring yourself.

Charles Reuben Estate, Coal Valley, Moorilla and Meadowbank Estate all offer tours, tastings and lessons on wines.

Best wines

Because of Tasmania’s diverse temperature, you’re bound to find your favourite wine here. Light flavours are in abundance, with Riesling, sauvignon blanc and pinot noir produced by a variety of wineries and warmer regions specialising in small batches of red wines like shiraz and merlot.

Planning in advance

Booking a wine tour can be useful, especially if you don’t drive as many of the vineyards are miles apart. You’ll also need a tourist visa to enter Australia, with the three month ETA visa the most commonly issued one. For longer trips you can get 6 month and 12 month long-stay visas.

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