A Bite-Sized Guide to Tasmania

Australia’s Island of Inspiration, Tasmania offers up unique experiences off the south coast of the continent. Characterised by unusual rock formations in the Tasman Peninsula, the majestic sweeping beauty of the Derwent River and its Tasmanian devils (yes, they exist!), Tasmania is the perfect place to go for serene beauty, natural landscapes and for something a little different to the beaches and outback Australia is famed for.

When To Go

Tasmania has four distinct seasons, unlike other areas of Australia. The coolest time to visit is between May and August, with the highest temperatures being in January and February. As Australia is in the southern hemisphere, their seasons are reversed, so our winter is their summer – which can work out quite well!

How to get there

There aren’t any direct flights to Tasmania from the UK, so you’ll have to fly to Melbourne or Sydney and get a transferring flight across, which takes about an hour. Alternatively, you can get the ferry from Melbourne to Devonport, which takes around 9 hours. Price-wise, both options are fairly similar, especially with the budget airline Jetstar, but the experience of the ferry might be something you want to do.

What should I plan in advance?

Your visa for one! Australia requires that everyone entering the country has a visa, no matter how long you’re staying for. The process is fairly simple and you can get an ETA Tourist Visa which lets you stay for up to three months, and is valid for a year.