Seven people are awarded Australia’s “best jobs”

Tourism Australia has announced the winners of their competition to give people the “best jobs” in Australia.

The competition was entered by over 300,000 people from across 196 countries and the type of jobs on offer included Lifestyle Photographer, Park Ranger and Wildlife Caretaker. There were also more off-the-wall dream jobs up for grabs including Chief Funster, Outback Adventurer and Taste Master.

The winners were American finance graduate Andrew Smith, Brazilian travel photographer Roberto Seba, French tourism graduate Elisa Detrez, British film costume designer Rich Keam, Irish internet entrepreneur Allan Dixon and Canadia adventure tour guide Greg Snell.

In addition to the winners chosen by Tourism Austrialia, Virgin Australia chose Cameron Ernst for their High Flyer dream job.

Entrants were whittled down to 18 finalists who then battled out in Australia to bag their dream job. The winners will now take part in their job between August and December of this year.

The competition was part of a major tourism push to promote Australia’s Working Holiday Maker programme, which encourages people from across the world to spend a working holiday Down Under. The scheme contributes over A$2bn to the economy of Australia and is an important part of their tourism.

Andrew McEvoy, Managing Direct of Tourism Australia said: “I’d like to congratulate all of the 18 finalists for the tremendous enthusiasm and effort they have put into this competition. The successful candidates each demonstrated incredible talent, energy and desire throughout the application process and will, I’m sure, take these positive attributes into the job with them.”

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