What is a sports visa?

 You may be considering travelling to Australia and in weighing up the options you will have seen that there are many different types of visas to apply for. So what exactly is a sports visa and are you qualified to get one?

Who they are for

Sports visas are reserved for people visiting Australia to compete in sporting events. They aren’t just for pro-footballers – anyone whose purpose of visiting Australia is to compete in a sporting event can apply for one. That includes judges, referees and adjudicators.

The visa lets you enter and leave Australia as many times as you like for the duration of it and enables you to compete against Australian residents, participate in competitions and stay for a maximum of two years. You can also bring your partner and any dependent relatives or children you may have.

You must simply be sponsored by an Australian organisation who promotes sports or sporting events, or by the Australian government. Further information on sports visas can be found on the Australian government’s website.

Alternatives to sports visas

If you’re an amateur and are only competing in a maximum of three competitions, it may be better to get a Short Stay Business Visa. If you’re staying for less than three months or intend to undertake unpaid training, an Australian ETA Tourist Visa might be the most appropriate visa for you.

If you still aren’t sure of the type of visa you require, websites such as Visas4Oz offer a comprehensive guide to visas and can talk you through the application process.

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