What To Do on a Working Holiday in Australia

Going across the other side of the world for a 6 month working holiday is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and experience life down under. Getting a working visa enables you to try your hand at a number of professions so it can be hard deciding what the best job for you is. Here are a few ideas to inspire you, if you’re considering a working holiday in Australia

Bar and restaurant work

These kinds of jobs are relatively easy to come by, especially if you’re planning on staying in big cities such as Sydney of Melbourne. If you’ve already got some experience of pulling pints or waiting on tables, then you’ll be more likely to land one of these jobs. However, the hours can be a little anti-social, but you will get to grips with Australia’s culture as well as meeting some interesting people along the way.

Au pair work

Australia has a programme set up for people coming overseas to train as an au pair to work for families throughout Australia. This option can be ideal if you like working with children and want to get a taste of family life down under. The work can be demanding, especially if you’re a live-in au pair, however you can get regular time off to explore more of Australia

Surf Instructor

If surfing appeals to you and you’ve had a little experience you can spend your working visa training as an instructor. Plenty of surf schools throughout Australia offer internationally-recognised qualifications, enabling you to continue teaching people how to surf long after your working holiday is over.

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