Entering Australia on the correct Visa

Make sure you enter Australia on the correct visa; otherwise you could end up spending a lot more than you intended!

 Save £118 on an Australian Visa

Entering Australia with the correct visa is extremely important, otherwise you’ll have to pay more and go through all of the hassle of getting it changed!

Most visas can only be changed by leaving Australia and going to New Zealand or Bali, which will cost at least $300 (around £200).

The Australian ETA visa costs $290 dollars (£190) for a three month extension (to have a six-month stay overall). However, to get the 6 month tourist visa in the UK before you travel will cost only $115 (around £76), therefore saving you hassle and at least £104 on the visa upgrade in Australia.

If you’re planning on travelling to Australia, find out which Australian visa you’ll need!

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