Driving in Australia – it’s easy!

It’s easy to drive in Australia – it’s just the same as driving at home; Aussie’s drive on the left, road signs are familiar and recognisable and the language is English!

Driving in Australia is quite an experience in itself, as it is a way to explore the wide-open spaces of Australia and enjoy the magnificent natural scenery.

What’s more, as there are so many destinations that can only be experienced by car, you’ll certainly come across some breathtaking sights so be sure to take your camera along!

If you’re planning on driving whilst in Australia, take a look at these quick points to note:

Speed Limits

As you can expect, speed limits vary from 25kph (usually in areas around schools) to 40/50kph in built up areas.

The maximum speed in Australia is 100kph (62mph), although a few of the Australian territories have a higher speed limit in the countryside.

Speed limits are strictly enforced – stick within them at all times!

Drink Driving

In the UK, the alcohol limit for drivers is 0.08gm of alcohol per 100ml of blood. In Australia, it is 0.05gm of alcohol per 100ml of blood which is a lot less, so if you’re planning on heading out for the night its best to leave the car, even if you’re only heading out for one drink.

The police will stop motorists for random breath tests so you must be aware of this and make sure that you’re driving safely at all times, as you normally would.

UK Licence

UK tourists with a valid UK driver’s licence for the same class of vehicle can drive in Australia. You should carry you licence with you at all times when driving.

In some states you can drive indefinitely whilst on tourist/visitor visa status, others have a time limit so you should check with the local road transport authority.

Working holiday makers who hold a working holiday visa are fine on a UK licence, as they are temporary residents.

An International Driver’s Permit is not a legal requirement for driving in Australia but if you want to hire a rental car some rental companies may ask for an International Driver’s Permit.

Once you have permanent residency you will need an Australian Licence after 3 Months.


All measurements in Australia are metric. Distances are in metres and kilometres, and speed kilometres per hour.

Australia is a huge country with large distances between cities, so always prepare for a long journey and make regular stops for food and drink.

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