What will you need for your trip to Australia?

If you’re planning a trip to Australia this year then you’ll need to jot down a list of everything you’ll need, including visa information, insurance, airport transfers and more. Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the hard work for you…

Sorting your flights to Oz and airport transfers

Once you’ve figured out your dates for travel, shop around for a flight so that you get the best possible deal and service. Flight prices vary considerably depending on whereabouts your flying to and when you’re planning to go; contact the major airlines of your local travel agent for some useful advice.

Make sure you’ve opted for an airport transfer service in order to avoid waiting around once you’ve landed in Oz. Fortunately, all of Australia’s international airports have regular public transport services including buses, trains and taxis. Your travel agent will also be able to help you with this.

Applying for an Australia Visa

You will need a visa to enter Australia unless you’re an Australia or New Zealand citizen. You will need to do this prior to travelling to Australia. If you’re travelling to Oz for tourist purposes then you’ll need an ETA tourist visa, but there are a range of other visas you can apply for depending on your reasons for visiting Australia.

If you don’t have a valid Australian Visa then you’ll be denied access into Australia.

Visit our Australian Visas page for more information or contact Visas4oz.

Understanding customs and quarantine

If you plan on bringing items such as fresh of packaged food into Australia then make sure your declare them, otherwise you may be faced with a hefty fine. Australia’s customs laws also prevent you, understandably, from bringing drugs, protected wildlife and weapons of any sort into Australia. Visit the Customs & Quarantine page on the Australian Government website for more information.

Medication and vaccinations

If you need to take your personal medicines into Australia then you’ll need to declare then upon your arrival. We recommend that you ask your doctor to write a letter that outlines your medical conditions and a reason as to why you need the medication.

You don’t need any vaccinations for visiting Australia unless you’ve visited a country that is affected by yellow fever within six days of your arrival.

Sorting out your travel insurance

We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover any incident such as theft, loss or any medical problems that you may potentially experience. Whilst we hope that your trip to Oz will be an adventure of a lifetime, you never know when you may be unlucky enough to fall ill, lose your luggage or become a victim of crime.

Visit our Insurance for Australia page for more information as to where to obtain good value travel insurance from.

Travel essentials

We advise that you make a list of all your travel essentials so that you’re fully prepared for your trip to Australia.

Visit our top tips for travelling to Australia blog for more useful advice.

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