What’s Christmas like in Australia?

If you’re spending your Christmas down under or planning a last-minute trip just in time for the New Year then you might wander how different the festive season may be in comparison to your usual white Christmas.

If you’re used to a snow-adorned Christmas then it may come as a surprise that you’ll be enjoying blue skies, bright sunshine and temperatures in the eighties or above whilst in Australia. Christmas in Australia falls perfectly in the middle of their summer, which means there’s no chance of seeing that fluffy white stuff!

Melbourne is a great place to spend Christmas, especially Christmas Eve as it hosts the annual ‘Carols by Candlelight,’ a tradition which started in 1937. Carols by Candlelight is held every year on Christmas Eve at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne; join in the thousands of people who gather to sing Christmas carols whilst lighting up the night sky with candles.

If you’re set to travel soon, during early December, then you’ll notice that most parts are already covered in wonderful festive decorations. From artificial trees and nativity scenes to door wreaths and bunting, you’ll feel in the festive mood as soon as you arrive down under.

Many large shopping centres and stores will have their own ‘Santa’ for children meet – something if you’re bound to come across if you’re staying in a popular tourist area.

As it is so warm at this time of year in Australia, flowers are used as the main form of Christmas decoration, particularly the native Christmas bush; a plant covered in gorgeous little red flowered leaves). Many households do have a real tree with lights and decorations though, which are usually put on display a few days before Christmas Eve.

School summer holidays kick-start a week before Christmas and end after Australia Day on 26th January, giving kids plenty of time to enjoy this wonderful season.

Families can spend Christmas day in the comfort of their own homes with traditional turkey and trimming or have a day spent on the beach, settling back under the glorious Australian sunshine. Tradition for the ex pats in Sydney is to have Christmas Day on Bondi Beach.

Boxing Day is a public holiday and choose to spend the day relaxing, celebrating or watching the annual Boxing Day Text Match.

Christmas in Australia has all the buzz of a UK Christmas but with the added benefits of very nice weather.

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