Make life easier for yourself and purchase a visa that can be amended!

If you have applied for an Australia E Visa through the Australian government then it’s extremely important that you check your passport details before arrival at the airport.
This is because the E Visa, issued by the Australian Government, cannot be changed once it has been issued.

Therefore, if you haven’t checked your passport details before arriving to the airport and realise there is something you need to amend on your visa, you’ll need to re-apply for another visa. Not only will you have to pay an extra £35.00, you’ll also risk missing your flight, as the visa application process can take up to 48 hours.

However, if you apply for an ETA Visa through Visas4oz then you can amend your visa free of charge… even when you’re at the check-in desk! Visas4oz can also provide a fully copy of your Australian ETA Visa once it has been issued. Apply online for your Australia ETA Tourist Visa today. For just £6.99, you can have a full copy of your Visa and added peace of mind knowing that you can amend it anytime.