Your health and safety in Australia

Despite Australia being an extremely safe holiday destination by international standards, thanks to its safe water and amazing medical facilities, it’s always good to play it safe and take necessary precautions! Visas4oz have listed a few hints and tips on how to prepare for your trip to Oz…

Protect yourself from the sun

The beautiful blazing Australian sunshine is enough to entice anyone to this gorgeous country and appeals to many potential visitors. However, it’s important you don’t fall victim to sunburn or dehydration or, even worse, sunstroke; not exactly something you want to experience on your treasured trip away!

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day (that means plenty of water!), especially if you’re hiking or going on an adventure down under.

Invest in a high factor sunscreen and apply this regularly. If you go swimming then remember to re-apply your sunscreen, even it’s waterproof; just to be safe. Wear a hat and pair of sunnies on those really warm days.

For sun-worshippers, don’t think that if you’re all sun screened up that you won’t catch a beautiful tan – you will – you’ll just give yourself the protection you need!

Pack a small First Aid kit

Packing a few boxes of plasters or first aid essentials won’t exactly weigh you down – so why not pack them? After all, you’ll be pleased you packed your plasters if your feet are covering in blisters from all the exploring you’ve been doing!

Take a small first aid kit on any trips out just to be safe.

Remember that…

For emergencies (life threatening emergencies only!) call 000. You will be put through to an operator who will then transfer you to the appropriate agency.

No need for needles!

Good news for all those scared of needles; you don’t need any vaccinations!

With this in mind, you should still make sure you don’t need any vaccinations for any other countries you are travelling to in the regions.

Keep an eye out for critters

Look out for beaches that are sign posted with “don’t swim” sign. These signs are put here for a reason and the last thing you want to do is come into contact with a salt-water croc or a blue-ringed octopus.

Apply for an Australian visa

Don’t forget about applying for your Australian visa when sorting everything else out! Apply online for your visa for Australia today. If you’re not sure which visa you need then visit our Australian visas page.

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