What’s the difference between an ETA Tourist Visa and an E Visa?

The Australian ETA Tourist Visa is an electronic visa, which provides you with the authority to enter Australia, allowing you to stay in Australia for up to three months within a 12-month period. Visas4oz are authorized to issue Australian visas and we charge just £6.99.

Aside from being incredibly easy to apply for, Australian ETA Tourist Visas can be issued within no more than 48 hours or, even better, we can issue you your ETA straight away through our Express Instant service. One major benefit of the ETA Tourist Visa is that you can amend the visa if you need to, free of charge. Even if you’re in the check-in queue at the airport and you need to alter any details on your visa last minute, you can ring Visas4oz and we can amend it instantly.

E Visas are exactly the same as ETA Tourist Visas and offer the same conditions and requirements for visiting Australia; however, E Visas are issued by the Australian Government and are not instant and cannot be amended. This means if you need to alter the details of your visa then you won’t be able to do so with the E Visa. E Visas don’t offer the extra peace of mind that ETA Tourist Visas do.

Visit our ETA Tourist Visa/E Visa page for information.

Why apply for an Australian Visa from Visas4oz when I can get one from the Australian Government?

Visas4oz are authorised by the Australian Government to issue visas and aim to offer applicants a personal and tailored service to suit their individual requirements.

Thanks to our expert advice, easy application process and fast-turn around, you’re guaranteed peace of mind when applying for your Australian Visa through Visas4oz.

Major benefits of our services include:

–       Safe and secure online application process
–       Personal service; simply call us and we’ll guide you every step of the way
–       Extremely fast turn-around and ability to amend your visa for free whenever you like.
–       We’ll also send you a printed copy of your visa, for added peace of mind
–       We allow you to amend your visa free of charge (no need to reissue)

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