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Tasmanian Wine Holidays

A trip to Australia isn’t complete without visiting a few wineries along the way and sampling some of its characteristic plonk. Before you leave, make sure you visit Tasmania, Australia’s most southerly island which produces a huge bulk of Australia’s wine, and because of its cooler climate there are a plethora of wines to get your tongue round! (more…)

Tasmania Activity Holidays

Miles of untouched beauty, roaming wildlife, majestic mountain peaks and rolling rivers, Tasmania is a haven for those who want to be at one with nature.  With so much to do including diving, trekking, mountain biking and fishing, you’ll be spoilt for choice on a holiday to Tasmania. (more…)

Foodie Holidays in Tasmania

The majestic beauty of Tasmania offers up a whole selection of activities for any intrepid explorer to enjoy, and foodies will particularly love the unique cuisine on offer, in restaurants in beautiful locations and bustling cities. (more…)

A Bite-Sized Guide to Tasmania

Australia’s Island of Inspiration, Tasmania offers up unique experiences off the south coast of the continent. Characterised by unusual rock formations in the Tasman Peninsula, the majestic sweeping beauty of the Derwent River and its Tasmanian devils (yes, they exist!), Tasmania is the perfect place to go for serene beauty, natural landscapes and for something a little different to the beaches and outback Australia is famed for. (more…)